Featured Offers

This is a collection of proven-to-work offers, d4y programs, and funnels from the best marketing gurus out there.

Most of them are free training with an offer at the end…take a look and don’t miss these opportunities!

I joined myself these programs, funnels and offers and I highly recommend them to everybody who wants to build a sustainable long-term business

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

Beginner? Expert Marketer?

Doesn’t matter…beginners or not we all need one thing to succeed with our businesses: a high converting funnel

But, we also know that it’s hard to build one.

Opt-in pages, landing pages, copywriting, emails, videos, VSLs you name it. There are a ton of things to do and if you don’t have the right knowledge could be very time and money-consuming…

What if you, as a beginner, could have a d4y high-converting funnel ready to go?

What if you, as an expert, could have an additional automated source of income?

What if you could have just one link to send traffic to a high-converting webinar page that sells a high-ticket product?

What if you could add the people interested in this webinar to your email list and mail them other 365 already made emails that promote high, mid and low-ticket offers without showing your face?

Amazing, uh?

And it has also made $1,362,342 to John in just one year. You have the opportunity to copy and use it as your own in just 30 minutes from now

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John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System PRO

The man, the legend, the BEAST.

When it comes to driving affiliate sales with cold traffic there’s no one like John.


Featured on Entrepreneur, INC 500, tv shows and many others, John is also known as the “4-hour work-week prophet” for the lifestyle he has thanks to the results he got with affiliate marketing.

He’s really living the 4-hour work-week dream!

He left his hated job and after years of struggling, he finally started making consistent big commissions.

He’s now teaching his methods to thousands of people, from teenagers to expert marketers, John is changing tons of lives.

In his Super Affiliate System PRO, he teaches how to build a successful long-term affiliate marketing business using special profit pages and little-known traffic sources.

And cold traffic.

He explains his SAS PRO in a free webinar where he also shows how he actually gets paid from different ad networks to advertise with them in the long term…So if you’re looking for some ideas to start promoting your biz for FREE this might be for you!

Also, you can see dozens of video testimonials from his clients 🙂

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P.S. did I mention that with this method John is banking something like 20 MILLION DOLLARS in commissions a year?!